DIY miniature origami lamp

May 18, 2019 | DIY, Dollhouse, For kids | 2 comments

An old 70s dollhouse came into my life a little while ago and ever since I have been busy with a fun variety of renovation and miniature projects. I was delighted to find out that the wiring for electricity in the house was still intact and one evening I decided to fold a tiny origami lamp on a whim.

It was a very simple standard origami fold and it was fun to be able to create a little thing with almost zero budget in very little time without planning. I posted the result on instagram and the feedback I have received from you all was overwhelming! As a way of thanking everybody I thought I would make a little pdf guide and template for you to download here on my blog. The freebie contains the pattern I used in three different sizes as well as instructions on how to fold the lamp. It is the first time I have created a tutorial like this and I did not take pictures of the entire process. But let me know how it works for you in the comments and if I can do something to improve it!

Get the free tutorial and template here:

I am still new to sharing my projects on social media and online and it is not the prioritized part of my hobby work. So this blog will have to grow in it’s own time. But I am hoping to share more about my dollhouse projects here in the future and hopefully another freebie tutorial and pattern for my miniature baby quilt very soon! If you are interested, have a look on my instagram account and make sure you follow to find out when it’s ready!

But back to the origami lamp! Here is what you need:

  • The thinking dreams DIY miniature origami lamp freebie, printed on your paper of choice
  • A cutting ruler and cutting mat
  • A hobby or X-acto knife
  • Paper glue (I actually used wood glue)
  • Optional: a burnishing bone (the blunt edge of a knife or other sharp but not cutting edge will do just fine)

1. Print the pdf template at full scale and cut out the lamp in the size you wish or transfer the markings to another paper of your choice at a different scale or in different proportions

2. Trace the markings for the folds with a burnishing bone, the blunt edge of a knife or similar to make folding more accurate.

3. With the markings facing upward (this will be the inside later), fold the dotted horizontal lines outward into a mountain fold.

4. Also with the markings facing upward, fold the diagonal lines inward into a valley fold. First fold all diagonal lines in one direction and then all the ones going into the other direction.


5. Adjust all folds to the folding pattern of the origami lamp shown in the picture.

6. Glue the first and last “flap” of the folded paper on top of each other so that the strip of paper now forms a circle. Make sure the side of the paper with the markings faces inwards.

7. With the help of a needle, toothpick or similar, glue together the top triangular folds (marked orange and pink in the drawing below). As you come around toward the last of the folds, place your led or other “hanger” inside the lamp, before closing it up completely.


  1. Sofia Diogo

    Very cute idea, thank you for sharing 🙂

    • admin

      Thank you so much!


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