Matching mermaid tail blankets for kids and dolls

Jan 17, 2021 | DIY, For kids, Sewing projects | 0 comments

“Mama, can we play mermaid and cat?” Like so many kids my daughter is into roleplay. ALL DAY LONG… Costumes and pretend play accessories are her favorite toys and I had long admired some mermaid tail blankets I had spied on Pinterest. Most of those were knitted though and I happen not to be a big knitter. However, I am good at sewing so I took my idea to a fabric store and bought some cozy knitted fabric to have a go at sewing a mermaid tail blanket.

The focus of this project was the tail fin. Most knitted versions I had seen were beautiful but the fin was always a bit floppier than I had in mind. So I wanted to make a stiffer tail fin that would not have to be arranged to shape. I also wanted it to look nice and “fishy” so I designed a pattern to quilt into the fin pieces.

The mermaid tail blanket turned out so cozy and nice and the process of making it had actually been quite simple and fun. I made the plans for the pattern in one evening, cut and traced the pieces in another, and then sewed it all together in a third.

After such a success I decided to use some of the leftover material to sew a miniature version of the tail for my daughter’s doll Pippi.

Pippi is a Waldorf doll I made for Amelie almost three years ago. She has been a steady companion and every once in a while she gets a new little accessory. This time around it was a matching mermaid tail. So fun to see them play!

I used the same process as in the larger version. For my daughter, I had lain out a pair of her pants to draw the outlines of the tail around. For Pippi, I simply used the doll itself. Then I designed “half a fin” on a folded piece of paper, cut that out, and traced the lines onto the woven backing for the quilting.

It gives me so much joy to be able to create toys and beautiful moments with and for my children. I love how my kids bring out my own inner child. I hope I will never grow up 😉


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