Pregnancy nausea time out

Mar 18, 2019 | Uncategorized

So where was I those last months? Did I just create a blog, grew tired of it and abandoned the project before it even really got started? Nope! The simple answer is: I got pregnant! Unfortunately, just as with my first child I was hit by some serious pregnancy nausea that lasted from the very beginning until halfway through the pregnancy. My little family fought alongside with me. And now, thanks to the help of this fashionable daddy-daughter-duo, both I and baby are “alive and kicking” and I am hoping to pick up this little side project of blogging about my DIY projects again. First thing I did was create a little circle skirt for my daughter, who has decided that twirling skirts are an important functional part of every outfit. Making her skirt by myself allowed me to combine her heart’s wishes with my need for functionality during play and easy maintenance. It also allowed me to combine our ideas of aesthetics 😉
Coming up will be a separate post about the skirt and the tutorial I used!

Big sister is helping us get ready for her little sibling! She is not only becoming really tall and smart and funny but also STRONG! You go, girl! You can do anything you set your stubborn mind to! Be brave!